What Makes Casey Great


Outdoor Learning School

Casey Elementary is situated on 18 beautiful nature filled acres of outdoor classrooms, garden beds, social emotional learning labyrinth, music garden, and wildflower areas. There are 6 outdoor learning spaces for students to learn. Additionally, students and staff like to go outside because they know that it benefits everyone's physical and emotional well-being.




PEAS - Partners for Education, Agriculture & Sustainability

We have a partnership with PEAS which provides hands-on student lessons that teach them how to garden. This coming school year, 2023-24, 3rd-5th graders will participate in PEAS. PEAS's philosophy is "Cultivating joyful connections with the natural world through outdoor learning and edible education." That sounds delicious! PEAS Community 





Casey Gardens

Students have been learning how to garden through many partnerships such as the University of Texas at Austin Department of Nutritional Sciences, Out Teach, and TX Sprouts. Take a look at the UT Austin/TX Sprouts study that we participated in! Casey likes to garden and have several family garden days a year when families can come out and help us maintain the gardens.





Monarch Heroes Project

The Casey Monarch Heroes garden was designed to restore a previously underutilized 2,000 square foot area of shortgrass prairie into a native Texas pollinator habitat with a focus on monarch butterfly conservation and education.  This area is filled with an array of nectar sources and a thicket edge designed for protection of butterflies from the elements and predators.  The pathway through the garden brings visitors into the space for a closer look at this diverse landscape. Check out the student created video:  We are Monarch Heroes!





Casey Outdoor Story Grove

The Casey librarian hosts outdoor learning in the Casey Outdoor Story Grove. There are books around the oak tree grove and students interact and engage in literacy while enjoying the benefits of being outside.







STREAM - Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts & Math  

We promote hands-on learning and incorporate school-wide STREAM in lessons. We have an annual "Save the Pumpkin" STREAM project and teachers host multiple project-based learning through the school year. The librarian provides STREAM projects that students connect to literature. There is a Maker Space for PK-2 graders and students spend at least one-hour a week building, creating, collaborating, and engineering.






PK 3 & PK 4 Programs 

We believe in early childhood education and offer PK 3 and PK 4 programs for 3 and 4 year olds. The PK 3 program is half-day and the PK 4 program is a full-day program. The two-way dual language program is offered in PK 3 and PK 4 and is based on availability. To learn more about these programs, call the office.






Two-Way Dual Language ProgramTwo-Way Dual Language Program

We have a quality Spanish two-way dual language program that begins in PK 3 and continues through 5th grade. Two-Way Dual Language is a Spanish dual language program that includes instruction in both English and Spanish to help students excel academically while becoming bilingual, biliterate and bicultural. A two-way program is intended for both native Spanish speakers and native English speakers. If you are interested in learning more about our two-way dual language program, please call the office. 





Project SAFE (Safety, Aquatics and Fitness Education) - YMCA Austin

We partner with Project SAFE - YMCA Austin, which is a program offered free to the school in collaboration with Collin's Hope. The program's goal is to teach Casey Kinder students water safety to prevent drowning and it also engages students in physical activity. This program is optional and occurs during the school day. Parents and caregivers are notified each year of the program logistics.







Texas River School

We collaborate with the Texas River School where "Texas River School uses our rivers as classrooms to teach and reinforce traditional academic subjects; introduce important personal growth initiatives like leadership, self discipline and civic responsibility; and foster a life-long connection to and affection for Texas waterways." Traditionally, these classes are attended by 4th and 5th grade students.





Casey After School Academy Casey After School Academy (Tuition-Based & On-Site)

This coming school year, we will collaborate with Austin ISD's Third Base after school program to continue and provide a quality after school care program which is led by Casey staff. Kids stay busy, entertained, engaged and excited to learn! Daily hot meals are served and after school hours are from 3:10 - 6:00 p.m. Please call the office for questions.




Prime Time Enrichment Classes 

We offer Prime Time, an amazing free after school enrichment program that allows students to choose classes based on their interest. These classes include things like cooking, athletics, origami, film/photography, robotics and much more! Caregivers will receive a letter in the fall and spring and may choose for their child to attend these after school classes. We are notified of funding every year and the school will communicate with families to register when it is time.





Casey Ballet Folklórico 

Ballet Folklórico de Casey is led by Elsa Nelligan, a retired bilingual teacher and professional dancer. She has offered these classes since 2016 at Casey. Students in 4th and 5th grade may opt-in to this free program that meets twice a week, all year. With lots of practice, students learn the basics of Ballet Folklórico and perform at school and local events. Caregivers will be notified in the fall about enrollment.